Get your
active life back!

Get your active life back!

We help injuries, arthritis and pain
WITHOUT surgery!

Injuries, Arthritis and Pain Getting You Down?

  • Frustration from missing out on life?
  • Tired of steroid injections that just cover up the problem?
  • Fear of unnecessary surgery?
  • Tired of not being able to exercise?
  • Confusion about how to get better?
  • Don’t know where to go?

We Help People Just Like You

Is an Injury or Arthritis Pain Holding You Back From Living an Active Lifestyle?

“You deserve a doctor who can help you heal, without unnecessary steroid injections or surgery.  As a licensed physician, I bridge the gap between traditional medicine and a holistic approach to find the source of your pain, activate your body’s natural healing process and get you back to a health, active life.”

Daniel G. Williams, DO, FAAO

We Help Patients Reduce Pain and Live a Better Life

Dr. Williams is fantastic!
He is very knowledgeable and passionate about medicine and patient care. He takes the time to get an understanding of not just the symptoms, but also the causes. Dr. Williams has helped relieve shoulder pain that I have had for years.
I highly recommend him!
Jason G.

Active father and baseball coach

We Understand How It Feels

We understand how it feels to not have the active life you want. We’ve helped thousands of patients treat their pain by harnessing the healing power in the human body!

We’ve helped many people avoid surgery, steroid injections medications and get back to enjoying an active life again!

How We Get You Back to a Pain-Free Active Lifestyle

Step 1

Schedule a consultation

We’ll help you identify the source of your pain

Step 2

Follow your custom plan

Avoid unnecessary medicine and surgery

Step 3

Feel health and active

Get back to the life you love.

We Help Patients Reduce Pain and Live a Better Life

Dr Dan is very kind and knowledgeable in his craft. He tremendously helped my lower back pain by natural injection treatments, osteopathic manipulation, and acupuncture treatments. He is the only natural, holistic osteopath I would go to in the Hamilton County area! If you are in need of a holistic medicine practitioner or a natural wellness center, absolutely choose Dr Dan and Williams Healthcare.

Kendall M.

Be Active Again

The human body is capable of extraordinary regeneration and sometimes it need a little boost.

Our innovative treatments concentrate the healing capacity of your body where it is needed. So you can avoid surgery, steroid injections, and prolonged recovery.

Our approach is a unique blend of integrative medicine and traditional medicine allowing you to leverage the healing potential in your body!

What do have to lose?

We Help Patients Reduce Pain and Live a Better Life

If you suffer from neck pain, hip pain, osteoarthritis, or anxiety you MUST come see Dr Dan. He spends time to get to know you, your medical history and your expectations. His personalized approach to your health and wellness is something you don’t find with many of the osteopathic physicians, holistic doctors or wellness centers in Boone or Hamilton County. I was so impressed by his compassion and knowledge. After only a few visits he helped me more than any other physician I have seen. He also makes each appointment enjoyable and puts me at ease. I have tried so many other options such as massage therapy, chiropractors, and other physicians with zero to no relief. I highly recommend Dr. Dan.
J. Un

Stop Missing Out On An Active Life

We want to help you find out if Regenerative Medicine is right for you.

The time is now because your life matters!

We want to help you.

Contact Us

Dr. Daniel Williams, DO
13590 N Meridian St Suite 100-A Carmel, IN 46032

(317) 819-4949

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